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I mean who are Connie and Jack ?????? 

 Constance aka "Connie" is my mom and John aka "Jack" sometimes "Jackie" was my dad.  They were both born in New York ..... my mom in Rockaway and my dad in Brooklyn.  They actually met at a little club  in Far Rockaway and I guess you could say the rest is history .......If you ever meet Connie ask her about the meatball story :) it was their first date

 they were married in 1960   a year later 1961 kid #1 arrived they named him michael,  1963 kid #2 we will call her cathy    1964kid #3 awe  john john so cute    1967 kid #4 i just met a girl named Maria   1968 kid #5 born on Valentines day Jennifer no joke my dad wanted to name her Valentina clearly mom won that one 1971 just when everyone thought for sure there they were done........kid #6 Christopher arrived  but wait .... 1973 nope they still are not done kid #7 you guessed it thats me Alyssa

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